Offline: activating a library license


Note: To activate a library license offline, the device must have at least firmware version 2020.0.


Store the license in your license pool first before activating a license on an offline device. 

  • To do so, click the Buy button and select the desired number of licenses. 
  • Click the Continue button and complete the purchase process. 

After completing the purchase process, the libraries are available in the license pool ready to be activated. 

  • Open the Install drop-down menu for the desired license and select Offline install to activate the license. 
  • Select the UUID of the device you created. 
  • Click the Continue button. 
  • Open the Offline Activation Wizard and follow the instructions. 

In the PLCnext Store, you will find your purchased license in the license pool.

  • Evaluate the library in the PLCnext Store after using it.





•  Web browser recommendation: Chrome, Firefox 78 or newer, Edge 88 or newer, or Safari • 
• Published/reviewed: 2022-12-16 • Revision 11 •