Getting ready to buy apps 

  • Once you have logged in to the PLCnext Store with your login data (see topic “Log in or register”), click the "Buy" button on the description page of your desired app.

A window will open in which you are asked to perform your registration.

Proceed as follows:

  • Fill out all (necessary) text fields about your person (User Profile) and the company on whose behalf you are acting ( Legal Details).
  • Save each section of the form with a click on the “Save” button.
  • Once you have entered all necessary information, complete the registration process by clicking on the “Finish Company Registration” button.

Now you are able to buy apps in the PLCnext Store.





•  Web browser recommendation: Chrome, Firefox 78 or newer, Edge 88 or newer, or Safari • 
• Published/reviewed: 2022-12-16 • Revision 11 •