App types in the PLCnext Store

In the PLCnext Store you can publish different types of software in the form of an app. Currently, four app types are available in the PLCnext Store:


To publish an app, follow these steps:  


  1. Registering
    1. To publish an app, you must first log in to the PLCnext Store and register as a contributor. 
    2. For further information on how to register, go to the topic Log in or register.
  2. Creating

    Currently, you can find information on how to create a Solution App and a Library here. The following steps are necessary for this:

    Solution App:
    1. Preparing a Solution App.
    2. Building a Solution App.
    3. Publishing a Solution App.
    1. Preparing a Library
    2. Building a Library:
      1. Checking a Library
      2. Testing a Library
    3. Publishing a Library 
  3. Supporting
    1. Technical and commercial support has to be ensured by the contributor.  The Contact Developer button allows users to contact you to ask questions and contribute ideas. The user's request will be sent to the email address that you have set as the support email address in the app. A reaction during 1 workday is recommended. At latest, a reaction to the request needs to be given after 3 workdays.
    2. Publish new versions of your app:
      1. Extend the features of your app.
      2. Work out bugs.
      3. Check the functionality of your app when Phoenix Contact releases new firmware.
    3. You can adjust and correct the app description page at any time via the Edit button.



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• Published/reviewed: 2022-12-16 • Revision 11 •