Installing a license

With a Library only the license is transferred to the device.
With Solution Apps, Function Extensions and Runtimes, you can choose to transfer the license and/or the app to the device in one process.




There are two points from which you can start if you want to install a license:


The step-by-step installation page opens:

Installation Step 1



Follow the step-by-step instructions:


Target device step 1

  • Choose whether you want to install the app and/or the license (1). 
  • Choose which target devices should be shown in the list (2).
  • To select your target device from the list, click the Install button of the respective device (3). 

Installation step 2




Installation step 2 option

  • Choose whether you want to install the license on a LIC SD card or directly on the device (1).

Note on the LIC SD card: Click here for more informationNote on the LIC SD card: Click here for more information

  • The option to save the license on a LIC SD card only exists if the LIC SD card is already in the device. If there is no LIC SD card already in the device at this time, you can only save the license directly to the device.
  • Item number of the LIC SD card: 



  • In order to save licences on the LIC SD card, at least device firmware 2021.9 is required.


  • Choose whether the installation should be performed online or offline (2).




  • To confirm that you agree with the corresponding agreements, activate the checkboxes (1).
  • To start the installation, click the Install button (2).


If you have selected the online option (Automatic), the installation process will now be performed automatically.

If you have selected the offline option (Manual), the installation wizard will now start.

  • Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
Note: For more information about the offline installation (option Manual), refer to the topic Offline activation.


Note: After installation, you can use the WBM to check whether the app and/or the license is present on the device. 

You can check the license on the License Management  page in the WBM.



You can check the installed apps on the PLCnext Apps page in the WBM.






•  Web browser recommendation: Chrome, Firefox 78 or newer, Edge 88 or newer, or Safari • 
• Published/reviewed: 2022-12-16 • Revision 11 •