Join your Company 

If your company is already registered in the PLCnext Store, you can join your company. Together you can manage purchased licenses and take care of your published apps. 

Register as a developer of the company on whose behalf you would like to sell apps.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Once you have logged in to the PLCnext Store (see topic “Log in or register”), click in the top menu "Account → Become Developer". 

The “Become Developer” tab opens. 

  • Complete your user profile.
  • Complete the company registration.
  • Select "Join Company".
  • Write a message (if necessary) for the administrator (“Custom message”).
  • Enter the email address of the administrator of your company (“Send to email address”).
  • Send the completed form to your administrator by clicking the “Send” button.

Once the administrator has added you, you are registered as company member.





•  Web browser recommendation: Chrome, Firefox 78 or newer, Edge 88 or newer, or Safari • 
• Published/reviewed: 2022-12-16 • Revision 11 •