Function Extension 

A Function Extension is like a small useful helper. Usually, a Function Extension is installed in parallel to a PLCnext Engineer project. The Function Extension augments the automation project with specific functions. A Function Extension can have different forms, e.g., an extension of a runtime or a command line tool.

A Function Extension is directly downloaded from the PLCnext Store to a PLCnext Control. To download the Function Extension onto your controller, the controller needs to be connected to the PLCnext Store (see the topic Connecting a PLCnext Control with the PLCnext Store).

You can install various Function Extensions simultaneously on a controller.

The way a Function Extension is connected to an automation project depends on the respective Function Extension. For information on this and on all further steps, refer to the documentation for the corresponding Function Extension. The documentation can be found on the detail
page of the corresponding Function Extension.





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